Super Bowl, Super Ads? NOT!

About the only thing compelling with this year’s Super Bowl ads were those at the grocery store!!

E-trade thought babies puking would catch our attention. Please. Bud’s caveman thing? Passe’! The fire breathing/flying abilities “no longer available.” Nope. Foreingers picking up girls? Insulting. Only “Thunder in Training” scored. The Rocky theme still works. Sales Genie’s cartoons? Not it I need a list. Even Pepsi, my favorite drink, scored nada in my book. (They made up for it at the grocery store – continue reading.)

What made me laugh? Fed X’s birds. What made me laugh and think? Pepsi’s Enable piece promoting diversity. What I laughed at (with shame of course)? Planters Unibrow queen wins guys using nuts as perfume.

Now, for the Super Bowl ads that REALLY scored, making my “cost of newspaper recovery” campaign cha’ching!  

Frugal Fiction missed a Week #3 update, so here’s Weeks 3 & 4 lumped together. And, boy are they a lump! Total purchased = $344.32.

Ouch! Eeek! Golly! You’re saying, “Some frugal person you are!” Now, now, let’s not be hasty… How many $$ actually left my pocket? Try $201.72. Coupons saved me almost $150.  Which means, thru January,  I’ve recovered $175.21, or 80% of that $220 cost of my ol’ newspaper. In one month!!!

Remember our codes? FFF – Fabulous Frugal Find; FF – Fairly Frugal Find; and F – a Frugal Find.

A few specifics? Frys had killer “Buy 9 get $9 off,” ads. I stocked up on Diet Pepsi at $2 a 12-pk (FF), then received $15 more off. (Granted, I bought a lot of it, like maybe 20 or so… in 9 item increments of course!)  Kraft 8 oz. cheese bricks were $1. I had coupons. I paid $0.50 each (FFF). Kraft salad dressing, 16 oz. went for $0.67. I had coupons. I paid $0.34 for 2 (FFF). But, then I saw if I bought 5 I’d get a $3 coupon. Back I went for 5 more dressings (FFF) & 4 more Diet Pepsis. The $3 coupon I used on the next purchase made my cost next to nil. Good item for the Coupon for Charity box. As were the refried beans, mustard, ketchup, & BBQ sauce I picked up for next to nothing. Oh, and since I bought 3 Pepsi and 3 bags of Lays (@ $1 a bag) I can send in a rebate for another $15 in Lays/Pepsi coupons(FFF).

And, no we don’t live on chips and soda alone, although I’d be fine with that. We picked up Dole lettuce for $1, but I had coupons. FREE, to go with my FREE salad dressing (FFF). After coupons, Johnsonville brats were $1.99 (FF), Mt. Olive pickles a $1 (FF), canned tomatoes, $0.20 (FF), OJ, $1.99 (F), Triscuits, $0.50 (FF). You get the idea. I’m stocked up on Pepsi and munchies and even bought a steak (half off, of course.)

Did I mention I love the Super Bowl? I didn’t really care who won. I already did – at the grocery store!


Charity Starts with Coupons!

Did you know couponing began in the late 19th century?  Now, that’s a long-standing tradition! According to an article in the Arizona Republic, January 22, 2008, “industry experts say the majority of American households still regularly use them…”

Well, duh, you know that. You’re frugal!

What you may not think about is all the coupons you don’t clip (or find online, or download onto your frequent shopper card, a program now being tested by a partnership of Kroger and Proctor and Gamble.)

Hate mustard, so you skip it. Have enough barbeque sauce, so you skip it. Ditto, toothpaste. And, those packaged potatoes? Not for you when 10# can be had for $.97.

But, you can often score those items for zero, zip, nada, zilch buckaroos out of your pocketbook! And, wouldn’t the food banks or homeless shelters be thrilled to receive them at some time other than just Thanksgiving and Christmas!

If you’re a frugal shopper, you know which items go on sale regularly; know when you can scoop up items for $.20, $.50, or free. You may not need the item right now, may not need it ever, but trust me, starving people aren’t just in Africa, or Mexico, or China  – that’s where my mother told us they all lived when  my sister turned her nose up at frozen peas. Do you know, for years I thought she was allergic to them. Her cheeks puffed out everytime she ate ’em. Funny how they unpuffed as soon as she made a trip to the potty room…

By using coupons to stock up on things you don’t need, don’t like, or don’t want, even those on a tight budget can be charitable, while others can expand their giving opportunities without additional expense. Provide the time and effort, and manufacturers will pick up the tab to help our less fortunate. 

Imagine if every household…