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Most authors are also voracious readers. Like you, we love to enmesh ourselves in the live and loves, the traumas and troubles of fictional characters.

We also know the high price of books forces many people to forego the enjoyment of escaping in fiction, or enlightening themselves with non-fiction.

And, we understand why corporate publishing isn’t  embracing us or delivering the eclectic, non-cookie-cutter plots you might crave. To just break even, they must sell 10,000 copies of every hardback they publish.  No easy task.

Those reasons led to Frugal Fiction. In exchange for paper, you’ll experience talented new authors who deliver exciting stories and memorable characters for just $3.99 per book. We offer lengthy free previews to ensure that you’ll enjoy our piece – that it will enthrall you or your child; that your experience will bring you back to us again and again; that  you’ll rave about us to everyone.

“Great,” you say. “But, how does it work?” 

It’s easy!!! Just visit us at Frugal Fiction for the details.


2 Responses to “Reader Info”

  1. Mabel Leo Says:

    Annie, your blog is terrific! So varied, loaded with info. As an author, I live for information on all subjects and you certainly supply it. Keep it coming!

  2. Aviagra Says:

    I loved the post. I think your thinking is nearly matching the great sukrat’s cocept.

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