Frugal Factor

fru-gal: (froo gal)  adj.

1) not wasteful; not spending freely or unnecessarily; thrifty; economical.

2) not costly or luxurious; inexpensive or meager.

(Webster’s New World Dictionary, Third College Edition)

Notice that nowhere is frugal defined as cheap, inferior, or sub-par. (psss, it’s okay to be frugal,)

Frugal Fiction’s terrific works come from Independent Authors who don’t receive six figure advances or multi-million dollar contracts, which is how we can offer you the opportunity to pursue your love of literature without taking out a second mortgage.

Which got me thinking…

For many of us, frugal is a lifestyle, a mindset, a way to stretch a dollar without foregoing things we enjoy, want, or need. So, let’s share our tips, successes, and ideas for practicing The Frugal Life.

Can’t wait to learn some new tricks!


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