“In My Humble Opinion” playing November 19th

Mabel LeoOf the eight books Mabel Leo has written, it is the first one, “The Saga of Jack Durant” that after 12 years is still her best seller.  This bio of Jack Durant, a well-known restaurateur in Phoenix, AZ, tells the story of how a young boy hopped the train and left his home in Tennessee with the dream of being a professional baseball player.  Instead, he became the most trusted friend of infamous gangster, Bugsy Siegel.

The book became the basis of an award-winning play, “In My Humble Opinion,” which is scheduled for one performance, November 19, at the Phoenix Theater. Tickets are $30.00 for the performance, or $50.00 including a reception and special seating, with proceeds benefiting Terry Earp, who was seriously injured by a red-light runner. For more information contact Mabel Leo at mibbles1274@msn.com.


PT HARRIS at ASU’s Career Day

dcp_1208_edited.jpg PT Harris spent time this week with a group of our future leaders, some scrambling to figure out a career path, others with a clear vision of where they were going. Since no one in their right mind (or is it left) truly thinks an Author is a career path, you might wonder why she was included. The College labeled her an Entrepreneur, and honestly, can you think of a more entrepreurial endeavor? Authors produce the product (the work), scramble to find an agent (so it will sell), and then handle all the brand building (name recognition) and promotion (book signings, reader group talks, interviews.) Each is only as successful as their effort, which has little to do with what they created. Thousands write novels annually. The only difference between published and in a drawer is the effort you put into selling yourself, as well as your work. A Frugal Fiction posting can help you in that endeavor by providing Independent Authors an edge in the crazy, convoluted world of publishing. 

So, what did she share with these young minds? The most important piece of advice  she could – marry your skills with your psyche and you’ll find a career path that fulfills you as well as your monthly nut. Granted, some choices mean you better have a teeny, tiny monthly nut. Like being an author.