The International Language

Who could not be wowed by the Olympic opening ceremonies – the color, the texture, the history – what an extravaganza! But the Olympics represent so much more than a sporting event – patriotism, sacrifice, hope – as multitudes strive to achieve the thing that all of us as humans understand – the dream. Maybe our dreams aren’t as large, but we have them, we sacrifice for them, and we hope to fulfill them.

Which is why today’s latest addition to Frugal Fiction is so appropriate. The Olympics are announced in just three languages – Chinese (of course), French (no, I don’t get that either) and English.  Worldwide, people struggle to learn English because, worldwide, people understand that this ability allows them access to well, most of the world. But, English is not a “neat” language. It’s filled with nuances and contradictions and peculiarities.

Mani Jack tackles those oddities in his book,  Understanding GRAMMATICAL ERRORS in SPEAKING & Writing, a blueprint for those struggling to learn English. Culled from his five years as an ESL teacher, he provides ample explanations and examples sure to make English easier to grasp. After all, where else but in English must you understand TO, TWO and TOO, or know that the same word can be a verb, adverb, or noun. 

For just $3.99, this guide will help ESL students with the many complex whys and whens of English so you can speak and write the language accurately. With a little effort, it will soon seem like English is your first language!

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Sick of Election Coverage? Take a Break With a Frugal Fiction ebook!

Will Hillary stay ’til the bitter end? What skeletons have yet to be uncovered in Obama’s closet?  Does John McCain even live to complete in November?

Sounds more like a fiction novel than an election, but this year’s campaign has delivered the kind of intensity and twists we normally find in a good book. Still, if you’re tired of the slams, slaps and snottiness of real people trashing each other, maybe a reprieve is in order.

Try Randy McKay’s Or One Depraved Individual for a mystery that seems to bring a new body everytime the sun comes up. How long will it take seasoned detectives Jack Sloan and Carter Blaine to find the killer … or killers?

Or enjoy the the dark side of vampires, aliens, and the paranormal in Valena Graham’s horror novel, Eternity of Blood,  where gorgeous Navy Pilot Gareth Hunter hides his secret well in the light of day until a beautiful paranormal investigator crosses his path. The mysterious alien council arrive with an ominous message and send the couple to the future where Gareth must sacrifice it all and take up the fangs again to stop Damian and prevent the vampire wars.  Is he too late as the streets run red with blood during a hurricane?

Prefer a lighter side? Valena Graham offers us her chick-lit western romance, Debutante Gunfighter where we meet Ariana Crosby whose best friend is a forty-five tied low on her left hip. But the southern belle discovers life ain’t like in her famous daddy’s stories, and the gentler sex aren’t welcome in the masculine world of gunfighters. The lady knows that those who live by the gun never retire, they die. Can she find a way to survive and be with the man she loves, handsome fellow gunhawk Nick Masters?  

If you’re not quite ready for beach-reading yet, we also have two intelligent new offerings.

Auntie Lynn delivers an education on healthy eating for kids (and adults, too – do you know what a lychee is?) in her effort to help prevent the raging obesity which is making diabetes an international health issue.

And, for those who’d like to better understand this thing we call democracy, get comfortable with Frank Trejo’s A Citizen’s Manifesto – What You Didn’t Learn in School. 

Frugal Fiction has lots of other great diversionary reads, too. After all, it’s a LONG time ’til November.  Enjoy the free previews and we’re sure the $3.99 to finish each piece will seem like a bargain. Why, that’s barely a gallon of gas these days… something none of the candidates seems able to address. 

Frugal Fiction Proudly Adds “The Magical Scarecrows Garden” to our Library








 Obesity is a raging problem that often starts in childhood. Treat  your child to Auntie Lynn’s magical explanations about healthy eating in The Magical Scarecrows Garden, and perhaps together we can stem the escalation of deadly diabetes.

Come meet us, ten Magical Scarecrows who have been breathed to life by Mother Earth in ten different countries. As scarecrows it is our job to look after fields and orchards so we know when not enough healthy foods are being eaten.

It worried us that not everyone is eating the right foods to grow up strong and healthy and so we thought we would call to one another across the winds that whisk around the world to find out a bit more about these fruits and vegetables. When we asked Mother Earth for help she brought one fruit or vegetable to life in each country where there lives a Magical Scarecrow for one night each to join us on our adventures! What a special magical surprise! Would you like to know what happens? Are you ready? Okay, cool, then here we go.

Remember: A Frugal Fiction Book? Just $3.99. Reading to your child 15 minutes a day? Priceless!



The Citizen’s Manifesto – What You Didn’t Learn in School

    We live in a democracy, but what does that really mean?


Frugal Fiction is proud to offer Frank B. Trejo’s ebook, The Citizen’s Manifesto – What You Didn’t Learn in School to our selections for only $3.99. With a touch of humor, Trejo delivers lessons about what our Founding Fathers intended and the democracy we face today. It’s a lesson every American should take. (G)  


Congratulations to Dr. Ronald Pies

Frugal Fiction takes pride in offering works by talented independent authors, and one of our own has a new book scheduled for release in April, 2008. The unique voice that offers us Welcome to Eutopia, Mr. Bok for only $3.99 has now penned Everything Has Two Handles: The Stoic’s Guide to the Art of Living published by Hamilton Books.

“In this breathtaking tour of ancient wisdom, Ron Pies, M.D., makes the philosophy of the Stoics come alive for the modern reader. Touching on our most urgent contemporary problems—the meaning of happiness, the role of pleasure, the importance of wisdom, friendship, balance, harmony, and anger—the Stoics provide a surprisingly fresh and instructive set of principles about how to live. With numerous examples from the world’s philosophical and religious traditions, as well as vignettes about people struggling to understand their lives in the 21st century, Pies has created a guide filled with warmth, clear thinking, strong values, and the deep pleasure that comes from our recognition of the enduring truths.”—Richard M. Berlin, M.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Massachusetts Medical School; poet and columnist Psychiatric Times

In the course of this compact and insightful work, Dr. Ronald Pies, tells us a little about what happiness is, and a lot about how to achieve it. The first chapter begins with a reminder from the great Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, that “things do not touch the soul.” This, explains Pies, “is the keystone in the arch of Stoic philosophy.” In a sense, then, the rest of the book is an extended meditation on how we might avoid letting things touch our souls too much. But, it is much more than simply a meditation. From here, Pies goes on to offer readers a well-researched, often witty explanation of how Stoic philosophy—as it resonates not only with Christian and Judaic, but also with Buddhist and Hindu worldviews—can guide and improve their lives. In the process, he draws on his own considerable clinical experience to offer composite case vignettes, both positive and negative, that illustrate the principles he is discussing.

Ronald Pies, M.D. is Professor of Psychiatry and Lecturer on Bioethics and Humanities at S.U.N.Y. Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, N.Y.; and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Psychiatric Times. Dr. Pies is the author of several psychiatric textbooks, and a guide to psychotherapy for the general public (A Consumer’s Guide to Choosing the Right Psychotherapist, Jason Aronson, 1997). Dr. Pies is also a published poet (Creeping Thyme, Brandylane) and the author of a collection of short stories (Zimmerman’s Tefillin, PublishAmerica). He lives with his wife, Nancy Butters MSW, near Boston.

Auntie Lynn Brings THE MAGICAL SCARECROWS BOOK TWO to Frugal Fiction!

mstwo200x200.jpg  THE MAGICAL SCARECROWS BOOK TWO opens in a burst of excitement as friends of Croowz tell him of the existence of Race C Rows, another Magical Scarecrow at the opposite end of the earth. His furry and feathered pals even have a plan to get these two Magical Scarecrows together, but before the plan can be activated Croowz discovers a group of boys from the nearby town are planning something diabolical.
Meanwhile C Rows has some challenges of his own.  With Christmas nearing he has a special duty to perform if Santa Claus is to be able to deliver presents to all the boys and girls in his village. Just as he begins to prepare, Race C learns that he is to be taken into the Town Hall and used as a prop in the Christmas pantomime. Once he is shut away there will be no getting out to perform his special duty for Santa, and Christmas could be ruined. Only with the help of animal friends can Race C stand a chance of succeeding, however the mean magpies hear about Race C’s plight and set in motion a plan of their own. (G)
This delightful sequel to THE MAGICAL SCARECROWS BOOK ONE continues to entertain and educate as our English and Australian Magical Scarecrows finally meet. Together they overcome  challenges and learn the true meaning of teamwork, forgiveness, and following your heart.  Available now for only $3.99 at Frugal Fiction.
Auntie Lynn sent her first story, The Magic Scarecrow, to a publisher when she was nine years old and won her first award for animal welfare when she was just eleven. Since then she has gone on to write a string of thrillers and non-fiction biographies, including the controversial best-sellers, Land of the Free, and Professor Midnight, and the real life stories of Saddam Hussein’s former personal pilot, Farewell Brave Babylon, and original Australian wildman and wildlife warrior, enigmatic adventurer and conservationist, Alby Mangels: The Alby Mangels Story – Beyond World Safari. For full details of Auntie Lynn’s background you should visit her official website:


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Halima, The Experience of a Typical African Girl-Child Now Available at Frugal Fiction!

Halima  Frugal Fiction proudly diversifies its offerings with  Halima, which explores the experiences of a typical African girl-child who is often discriminated against because of her gender. In most African countries, the male child is given preference to the girl and, more often than not, receives more privileges and opportunities than the girl. The purpose of the book is to speak for the girl-child to be given equal opportunity with the boy-child for the simple reason that the gender of a child does not say anything about anybody’s destiny, talent[s] or intelligence. (G)
Nigerian author Margaret Eze takes us to a foreign place, a place where culture and tradition dictate a young girl’s future. Perfect for the pre-teen, this story shares a powerful tale that addresses self-worth and self-actualization, and makes us grateful for the opportunties our daughters and grandaughters enjoy.
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