Frugal Has No Fantasy Fix

How do you know the economy is in trouble? Read this. Then, check your email.

Lately, my junk box is stuffed. Some of the garbage is even making its way to my in box through all that techie stuff hubby set up to keep the culprits out. They (meaning the villainous vultures who see bad news as a way to make a buck) are working overtime. Here’s a sampling from just ONE day’s attack of over 35 “solutions” to my core problem of, well, needing money.

A) These guys either want to give me money, or get rid of the money I owe. Guess what? They don’t do it for free. Always, always check with the Better Business Bureau, your banker, your uncle’s banker before you SPEND money to erase/correct debt. It’s a computerized world. The record will exist. If you can reduce your debt, it’s there for the world to see. It will impact future credit. It often doesn’t work. Think lawyers – they charge you for taking the case, not for guaranteeing the outcome. So do these guys.
Fast Friendly Loans Loan (
2Avoid4Closure Message( We Could Help You Stop Foreclosure‏
Debtco Debt Solutions (
Debt Wipe (
Debtco Debt Solutions ( (
Credit Department (
Consolidate Debt…from EclipseMediaOnline (

B) You’ve seen these advertisements everywhere. Send us your gold. Right. I’m gonna send you what few valuables I have left, HOPING that you’ll be honest about receipt, weight, etc. This doesn’t sound like the wisest move I could make. Not that wisest move often describes decisions made during financial stress. Before trying any of these, visit local jewelers first to see if you can PUT THE STUFF IN HANDS YOU CAN TOUCH AND LEAVE WITH THE CASH.

*G0T-USED G0LD?* (
Get Cash For Your Gold Jewelry (

C) These sweethearts have free stuff for me. Ever try to collect? There is no free. Just page after page after page of “offers” they’re trying to hook you into so you get the free stuff.  I gave up after about 20 pages…

Laptops for FREE (
You Qualify! ( free samples
Mike G (  free gift and laptop
Product Test Panel (Vx2263199cBn@REALOFFERSPRO.COM) free Wii System
Trip on us (r7HV2263199VC@REALOFFERSSTORE.COM) free $2000 Expedia gift card
Thank You ( free Walmart gift card
Weekly Grocery Savings (bbTO10062728631TZ@FANTASTICGREATOFFER.COM) $500 Holiday Gift Card

D) Then, of course, others want to educate me so I can get a better job and improve myself out of this nightmare. Degrees don’t come from emails; they come from hard work at an accredited college. And, yes, employers do check credentials. They’re receving 250+ resumes per job posting. They can be choosy.

Nursing Careers (
Investigator Degree from EclipseMediaOnline (
Business Certificates…from EclipseMediaOnline (
CriminalJusticeDegreesExclusive (

College Moms (
X-RayTechnician (

E) And, of course, everyone has jobs:

Help Desk ( this one found me a job
WorkFromHome (
WorkFromHome-googlemoneytree (wfJ1006272863zmP@BIGNEWOFFERSDAILY.COM) Google system makes working from home a real deal‏
Home Jobs(
 R.Allen( I made 277 people millionaires
 JohnC (
Michelle Andrews( our Last Chance to make $22.50 every 15 min. Guaranteed‏
Casting Dept. ( Psst – their money’s in the glossies required…

Now, most of us won’t resort to desperate actions like robbery, murder, arson, insurance fraud, and suicide, all of which are on the rise, but we’re not above falling prey to some slickly written, compelling promise that sounds like an oh-so-easy solution. Folks, (as the guy we didn’t elect would say) there are no easy answers. Nor are there more than maybe 20 – 30 areas where we can cut back. Check any frugal blog or article on saving money. Most of the info is the same.

Face it. We’re way beyond shouldering the burdens. This economy is attacking us with a full body press. These tempting offers seem to provide hope, a chance, an opportunity to climb out from under the stress and pressure that lost jobs, late payments, faltering 401k’s and the like have dumped on us. All for just $19.95 or $29.99 or…

Don’t do it. Save your money. Make this your daily affirmation: “I am strong. I know there is no easy solution. I will endure and practice frugality to ease my burden.”  It’s kinda like losing weight – we didn’t end up in this shape overnight. We won’t get out of it that quickly either.

PS: If you’re bored, feel free to spam these jerks back. I’d love to see their servers crash.


3 Responses to “Frugal Has No Fantasy Fix”

  1. » Frugal Has No Fantasy Fix Says:

    […] This economy is attacking us with a full body press. These tempting offers seem to provide hope, a chance, an opportunity to climb out from under the stress and pressure that lost jobs, late payments, faltering 401k’s and the like have … Original post […]

  2. thepennypincher Says:

    Nice post! It is magical thinking. Everybody wants to find the magic solution to their problems that does not involve changing their lifestyles or making sacrifices.

  3. peder Says:

    Nice blog you got here im reading it everyday.
    also visit my website im offering workfromhome services :

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